GUARD Whitelist Sale: Opening Day is now May 1, 2018

by Mark Jeffrey - April 11, 2018, midnight

May 1, 2018 is the new opening day for the GUARD Token Whitelist Sale. 

This is the same sale that was originally scheduled for March 20, 2018 -- but was postposed due to market conditions.  We've been watching the market and it seems things are now more or less even -- neither up or down -- so we deem that to be a stable enough environment to begin the Whitelist Sale.  

We apologize for the delay again -- and we thank you all for your patience, and many of you have thanked us for our caution.  We are, of course, trying to act prudently on behalf of everyone involved and the project itself.

We have no intention of moving the date again -- and we'll keep May 1 so long as the market is either remaining steady or going up.  If the market starts to deflate rapidly again, we'll have to revisit this decision -- but we think we're though the worst of it, fingers crossed.  Onwards and upwards!!!